Sunday, January 25, 2009

Taking Candy from a Stranger

While waiting for the D-train to Harlem from the Atlantic-Pacific Terminal in Brooklyn a few nights ago, a woman on the platform told me that it makes her think about going out at night when she has to wait on the D-train. This started a discussion about the reliability and frequency of specific trains and how that affects our decisions and plans.

She seemed like a nice lady and as the D came into the station she told me to enjoy my evening. And then as we were walking into the same door of the train she handed me a bag of Mango Balls candy and told me if I ever go to a 99-cent store I need to get these because they are really good. She insisted I take them and showed me that she had another bag in her purse. She also told me where I could find a 99-cent store in downtown Brooklyn and that Mango Balls are available at CostCo and BJ's, as well.

I have to be honest. They weren't the best candies I've ever tried, but getting them as a gift from a nice lady made them some of the best candies I've ever received as a gift. It just reinforces the sense of camaraderie I love about New York City and is another example of the acts of kindness and love I see around me as I traverse the streets and tunnels.

P.S.- I gave her a bag of gummie cola bottles (one of my favorites) as I was getting off the train. Share the love, right?